Rails Does Not Scale

[Read the first part of the series: Part I – Rails in 2023?] This phrase or something similar encapsulates most discussions about the potential use of Rails. Over the years it has become a meme, and it would be funny if it weren’t simultaneously so sad. There’s often a lack of depth when dealing with performance relates topics like this, and too quickly we are satisfied with heard or often-repeated arguments.

Rails In 2023

Imagesource: ChatGPT / DALL·E 3 What? In 2006, I stumbled upon Ruby on Rails by chance. As for many other developers, this framework should shape my career path for many years. Today, in 2023, I’m returning to Rails – or it seems like Rails is returning to me. Rarely has a reunion felt so good and so right. But are there actually good reasons in 2023 to work with a web framework that’s now 20 years old?